60 SECOND SLOW COOKER RECIPE RED WINE ROAST full recipe in description

HomeCuisine60 SECOND SLOW COOKER RECIPE RED WINE ROAST full recipe in description
60 SECOND SLOW COOKER RECIPE RED WINE ROAST full recipe in description
60 SECOND SLOW COOKER RECIPE RED WINE ROAST full recipe in description
I picked up a gorgeous beef round roast for only a couple dollars a pound at Shaw’s and had some leftover red wine from house guests (which will never get actually consumed from a glass in this house!) so decided to concoct dinner with those and some spices we always have on hand. This was a hit with all members of The King Tribe!
I just added the roast to my oval slow cooker and topped it with: 2 sliced onions, 1.25 cups-ish of red wine (that was what was left in the bottle), 2 tbl parsley, 1 tsp thyme, 1 tsp oregano, 1 large bay leaf, 2 tsp salt and a hearty 1/2 tsp of black pepper. I cooked this on low for 10 hours and then shredded it with 2 forks.
When it was time for dinner, I served it over either garlic smashed potatoes or caulirice and we had salads on the side.

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