Backyard BBQ: How to make Huli Huli Chicken

HomeCuisineBackyard BBQ: How to make Huli Huli Chicken
Backyard BBQ: How to make Huli Huli Chicken
Backyard BBQ: How to make Huli Huli Chicken
Chef Wade Ueoka is the co-owner and chef of MW Restaurant in Honolulu and is also one of the Executive Chefs of our popular in-flight meal program. In this video, he shares how to make a fun BBQ dish that you can make with friends and family at home, huli huli chicken. Huli means /”to turn/” in ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i (Hawaiian language) — the motion that is used to cook the dish to ensure it evenly cooks.

If you decide to recreate this dish, see the full recipe below.



Main Ingredients:
o (1) whole chicken
o (2) Zucchini
o (2) Corn
o Olive Oil

o 1 cup Shoyu
o 1 cup Sugar
o 1 cup water
o 2 cloves sliced garlic

Spice Rub:
o 2 tbsp. Paprika
o 1 tsp. cayenne
o 1 tbsp. Garlic Salt
o 1 tsp. Black pepper

o Mix together your shoyu, sugar and garlic. Marinade the chicken in it for 12 hours.
o Once the chicken is done marinating, take it out and place it in a tray.
o Mix together your spice rub in a bowl and generously coat and rub all sides of the chicken with it.
o Prep your vegetables by coating them with some olive oil.
o Place the chicken and vegetables on the grill. The chicken should cook for about 20 minutes (pending size of chicken). Make sure to huli (turn) the chicken so that each side doesn’t burn.
o Once the vegetables are nicely grilled, remove them from the grill. Cut and place them on the bed of your serving platter.
o Once the chicken is complete, remove it from the grill and cut it into pieces for guests to pick their portion.
• Place them on top of the vegetables, and it’s ready to eat!

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