Cabbage stew recipe

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Cabbage stew recipe
Cabbage stew recipe
Cabbage Stew Recipe

How To

To make pepper mix; Blend together 1 large onion, 1 green pepper, 6 tomatoes and red scotch bonnet ( preferred quantity)

To a pan on medium heat, add enough oil, add sliced onions to sizzling oil, sauté for 2 mins

Add pepper mix, season with @_sankofanaturalspices curry powder, sankofa ginger and garlic powder, Sankofa stew and gravy spice, salt and stock cube to taste. Cook till nice and dry (7 to 10 mins)

Add smoked mackerel and boiled eggs (cook for 3 mins)

Add cabbage, green pepper, onion and scotch bonnet. Give that an even mix ( cook for 5 mins)

Voila!! What are you pairing your cabbage stew with?

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