Cajun Green Onion Sausage Celebrate Sausage S04E03

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Cajun Green Onion Sausage Celebrate Sausage S04E03
Cajun Green Onion Sausage Celebrate Sausage S04E03
Today we are making the Cajun Green Onion Sausage

You can find a printable recipe here:

Visit the Sausage Maker for all your sausage making supplies:
Use the coupon code 2GUYS10 for a discount off your purchase.

Smokin-It Bella’s Cold Smoke Generator:
Digital Smoker (I use the 4D WIFi):
Kamado Ceramic Grill:

Potato Starch:
Natual casings:
Sausage Pricker:
Kotai Chef Knife:
Thermapen ONE (meat thermometer) –
5 lb Sausage Stuffers:
# 12 Meat Grinder:
Stuffing Horn Cleaner:
Butcher Twine & Dispenser:
Small accurate Scale for spices:
Large Capacity Scale (33 pounds):
Custom Cutting Board:
Ph Meter by Apera Instruments:
Meat Slicer:
InkBird Controllers temp & Humidity
Dehumidifier Eva Dry 1100
Cool Mist Humidifier:
Govee Temperature/Humidity Monitor:
Iodophor sanitizer:
Robot Coupe Food Processor (high end):

If you are interested in an online course for meat processing/sausage making be sure to browse the different courses that Meredith Leigh offers:

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