Chicago's LEGENDARY Italian Beef Sandwich Al's Italian beef

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Chicago's LEGENDARY Italian Beef Sandwich Al's Italian beef
Chicago's LEGENDARY Italian Beef Sandwich Al's Italian beef
Out of all Chicago staple comfort foods, the Chicago Italian beef sandwich is perhaps the greatest. It’s not just famous because of The Bear, even before everyone was exposed to The Bear Italian beef sandwich, the Italian Beef sandwich was legendary. While many places do a great Italian Beef Sandwich, many people say the best Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich is from Al’s Italian Beef. Al’s #1 Italian Beef is the oldest Italian Beef restaurant in Chicago and it started the sandwich craze in 1938. Many people remember the man vs food Al’s Italian Beef episode, when Adam Richman ate the amazing sandwich. Al’s makes a very special Italian beef sandwich with a very unique taste. So unique that many people wonder what the Al’s Italian Beef recipe is or the Al’s Italian Beef secret spice is. There are many opinions on which place has the best Italian beef sandwich. Some people prefer Portillo’s. Others prefer Johnnie’s. From what I hear though, when it comes to Al’s Italian Beef vs Portillo’s, Al’s is the clear winner. When it comes to Al’s Italian Beef vs Johnnie’s, Johnnie’s is supposedly as good if not better, but it is technically not within the city limits of Chicago so I did not include it this time. I may hit it up on a future trip though.

Is this giardiniera laden Chicago delight as legendary of a sandwich as people say? Or is it just a tourist trap? Find out in the latest episode of UA Eats! As always, expect lots of eating noises and funny faces, so I hope you enjoy this Chicago Italian beef mukbang. I overall had a great weekend in Chicago eating and trying all sorts of Chicago food and all the best Chicago restaurants. There are too many Chicago must eats to fit into one video, or even a couple of videos, so stay tuned for a future food vlog that focuses on Chicago food reviews and a Chicago food tour!

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Restaurant Deets:
Al’s #1 Italian Beef (Multiple Locations)
548 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

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