Deep Fried OREOS Better Than The Carnival!

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Deep Fried OREOS Better Than The Carnival!
Deep Fried OREOS Better Than The Carnival!
️GET THE COOKBOOK: Golden, fluffy fried Oreos dusted in powdered sugar and full of all that warm and gooey cookies and cream goodness!

No need to wait for State Fair to enjoy deep-fried Oreos! Make them at home and they’re 10x better!!

Helpful Tips:
1. Use double stuf Oreos if possible. They contain more cream which becomes all melty and delicious after frying!
2. Serve immediately! Of course, any breaded treat tastes the BEST hot out of the oil, and these fried Oreos are no exception. However, they taste just as good hours later to me.
3. Make sure the oil is HOT! About 350 F. is a good temperature. You want to fry the Oreos quickly. If the oil is not hot enough the batter will soak up the oil and become soggy and heavy instead of fluffy and light.
4. Drain them.  I like to let the drain on a cooling rack (with paper towels underneath. This way they aren’t reabsorbing any of the oil that drains off. It keeps them nice and fluffy.


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