Low Carb Cabbage and Sausage Recipe!

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Low Carb Cabbage and Sausage Recipe!
Low Carb Cabbage and Sausage Recipe!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ️
Cabbage is definitely trending this week! But you don’t need a holiday to eat it!

Especially if you’re on a weight loss journey. Cabbage is packed with nutrients and fiber! Studies have shown it can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

It’s also extremely affordable and versatile! And of course very low in calorie!

Let’s make this Easy Low Carb Cabbage and Sausage Skillet!

1 Packet of Chicken Andouille Sausage sliced into rounds
1/2 Cabbage head chopped
1 Tsp Cajun Seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste
1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1. Heat olive oil in a pan on low to medium heat. Add sliced sausage and brown for 4-5 min.
2. Add chopped cabbage and season with cajun seasoning.
3. Cook down for about 10 min until the cabbage is soft.
4. Add additional salt and pepper if needed.
5. Enjoy!

1 sausage and 1 cup of cabbage is 262 calories. Use the My Fitness Pal App to keep track!

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