Penne alla Vodka – Classic Italian Recipe

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Penne alla Vodka - Classic Italian Recipe
Penne alla Vodka – Classic Italian Recipe
Penne alla Vodka recipe. Pasta, vodka, cream! Nothing better.

What do the Russians, Italian celebrities and 1980s discotheques have in common? Penne all Vodka of course!

While vodka itself does not provide any additional flavors on its own, it is a potent emulsifier and used with Penne all Vodka, helps bind all the fats and oils with water-based ingredients which enhances flavor of the ingredients enormously. This recipe was invented in during the 70s-80s and there are a few variations of it. The recipe shown in this video became heavily popularized and is now recognized as the mainstream Penne all Vodka.

Recipe for penne alla vodka:

Let’s start with sizzling some pancetta in extra virgin olive oil, then add some white onions and now pour a glass of vodka, raise your flame to medium and smoke it out!

Add the tomatoes and let it cook for 15 mins now pour the heavy cream and simmer for another 5 mins and don’t forget to salt it!

Toss the pasta and mix with passion

Useful tip:

Be gorgeous while cooking. It makes it taste better.

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