Poo Man On The Wall Ep 193 Bad Friends

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Poo Man On The Wall Ep 193 Bad Friends
Poo Man On The Wall Ep 193 Bad Friends
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0:00 We Have New Merch!
1:54 How Bobby Does Disneyland
7:44 Carlos’ Replacement is Just Like Carlos
16:45 Bobby Gets Emotional About Santino & Attacks Rudy
23:18 Rudy Is Going Through Puberty
30:55 Send Us a Message if You Want to Date Rudy
40:12 The First Things Bobby Said to Rudy When They Met
44:11 Bobby Is Like Mexican Corn
50:12 Could Bobby Have Stared in Ant-Man?
1:00:20 Bobby’s Dingle Berry Hook UP
1:04:03 Bobby’s Thanksgiving Speech

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Podcast Producer: Andrés Rosende

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