THE BEST Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes!

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THE BEST Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes!
THE BEST Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes!
Roasted Greek lemon chicken potatoes. So incredible , so heavenly and so easy to make. Little back story: When I was teeny tiny , we migrated to Greece and lived on the Island of Crete for 5 years going back and forth to this day. Many of you don’t know that my Dad was in the Olympics for Waterpolo (I feel so proud to have an athletic parent like him) and as you can imagine, he is a phenomenal swimmer . Well , his athleticism lead us to Greece , as he trained some of the boys on the Greek Team for waterpolo. Long story short , the parents of some of the boys on his team taught my mom how to cook authentic Greek food. Ever since then we have been making me Greek Lemon potatoes with chicken or on their own without the chicken (up to you) You will need:

4 chicken thighs
5 chicken drumsticks
5 small quartered potatoes
6-7 unpeeled garlic cloves
1/4 cup olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
2 teaspoons dry oregano
juice of a big lemon
3/4-1 cup water


1.Preheat your oven to 400. In a baking dish add your chicken ( any cut of meat you like ) plus the rest of your ingredients and massage it all together. Push the potatoes and chicken inwards from one of the corners of the dish with a spoon and add the water (you don’t wan’t to wash off the marinade by adding the water on top of your chicken and potatoes). Bake uncovered the whole time OR half-half like I did. Mine baked covered for 45min and uncovered the rest of the time. To make your chicken even crispier on top put your oven on broil for the last minute and keep an eye on it. Enjoy Ps. The cooking time will depend on your oven so please keep an eye on it. Basting it halfway through is optional

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