Vegan Spicy Vodka Cream Pasta

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Vegan Spicy Vodka Cream Pasta
Vegan Spicy Vodka Cream Pasta
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vegan spicy vodka cream pasta
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this has been the vegan heavy cream substitute that i’ve always gravitated towards. i saw this done years ago from @babishculinaryuniverse , and it’s always been a fun ingredient to work with

16 oz / 1 lb – cashews, raw unsalted
water boiling water
high-powered blender (for a smooth consistency)

place cashews in a blender, cover with water and submerge overnight OR (if you’re impatient like me) pour hot boiling water over cashews and soak for a minimum of 30 min
drain cashews, add just enough water to cover the cashews, a large pinch of salt, and blend on high for 3 min.
cool completely, and store in fridge until ready to use


yields 4 servings

0.25 cup – olive oil
1 – shallot, minced
2 – garlic clove, finely grated
0.5 cup – tomato paste
1 tbsp – calabrian chili paste OR fresh calabrian chilis, minced
2 tbsp – vodka
1 tsp – crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
salt pepper
1 lb – any dry pasta
1 cup – cashew cream
2 tbsp – vegan butter
vegan parmesan
basil oil
a singular basil leaf

heat olive oil in a skillet or sauce pan over med heat
cook shallots garlic until softened, 5 min while stirring
add tomato paste and calabrian chilies, stir until paste is dark red, 5 min
add vodka, cook until evaporated, 2min
turn to low heat, add cashew cream and pepper flakes (if you want extra heat)
reserve on the side until ready to finish pasta, consistency may be rather thiccc

cook pasta in salted boiling water until al dente (follow package instructions)
*reserve as much pasta water as possible, cashew cream is rather thick and will need a lot of water to loosen
in a new pan, add spicy cream sauce, ladle pasta water in, add cooked pasta, and vegan butter
mix on med-high heat until all the pasta is coated and sauce is loosened
add more pasta water, spicy cream sauce, salt, or black pepper as needed
top with vegan parmesan, basil oil, and basil


tbh this tasted more like garlicky breadcrumbs, still a good addition to the dish tho

0.75 cup – raw cashews
3 tbsp – nutritional yeast
0.75 tsp – salt
0.25 tsp – garlic powder

put ingredients in a food processor and pulse until a fine crumb
store in fridge to keep fresh, lasts 3-4 weeks

BASIL OIL (from @chefboylee )

4 cups – basil leaves, picked off stems, washed and dried
2 cups – grapeseed oil

(you can do less and keep the herb:oil ratio, but it’s far easier to make this with a large batch)

blend basil leaves and oil on low speed in a blender for about 45 sec
pour mixture in sauce pan over med-heat
once simmering, reduce to low heat and simmer for 20 min
this is cooking out all the moisture and infusing flavor into the oil, which will darken
strain mixture into a bowl (ideally with a cheesecloth, but a strainer is fine)
cool over an ice bath to quicken process
once cooled, seal in a container and place in fridge

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